SteelSeries unveils branded peripherals for Medal of Honor

Shane McGlaun - Oct 14, 2010
SteelSeries unveils branded peripherals for Medal of Honor

SteelSeries has a bunch of peripherals for gamers that are cool. We mentioned the companies Shift gaming keyboard a while back that has interchangeable keysets. The cool part about that Shift keyboard is that the keys sets can be changed with sets that are specifically made for individual games.

SteelSeries has announced that it will be offering a custom keyset for Medal of Honor from EA. The special Shift keyset isn’t all that the company is offering that is specifically for the game. It will also have a version of its Xai mouse with a Medal of Honor skin on it. There will also be a pair of headphones branded for the game.

The headphones will include the SteelSeries 5Hv2 headphones that are sized for travel, dismantle into three pieces, and have a retractable mic. The Spectrum 5xb will also be offered that are designed for the Xbox 360. The keyset for the Shift keyboard will be $24.99 and will launch with the game and the keyboard with the keyset will be $99. The mouse and special mouse pad will be $89.99 and $14.99 respectively. The headphones will come in early Q1.

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