SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller for iOS 7 hands-on

Having a peek at one of the cutest devices we've seen pop up at CES 2014 this week we've seen the SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller – made for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. While we're to understand that this device works with Bluetooth, it's also limited to those devices that work with Lightning cables. Not because it uses Lightning connectivity for anything, mind you, but because they're aiming for the future.

This device is perhaps the first wireless gaming controller for iOS 7 devices part of Apple's new initiative to make gaming controls a real accessory drive for their mobile devices. This device is easily one of the finer iOS-friendly wireless gaming controllers out there today, and based on the look and feel we've had for the machine just this week, we'd certainly not turn down the opportunity to ap in to both the black and the white version.

This device works with Bluetooth 4.0 and works with the ability to be one of four controllers with an iOS 7 device. It's working with a battery time that's suggested by SteelSeries to be of around 10 hours, and can be recharged as such. There's a simple plastic cover that also attaches to the back for additional space for grip, and the whole device is extremely responsive with the games we've tested thus far – in quick succession, but tested all the same.

This machine works with a couple of triggers up top, XYAB buttons, up, down, left, right on a directional pad, and a couple of joysticks besides. There's also a pause button in the center. You'll find the SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller available for pre-orders now for a cool $99.99 USD inside the USA.