Steampunk Space Helmet

Chris Davies - Nov 17, 2008, 6:48am CST
Steampunk Space Helmet

Steampunk projects are no strangers to the front page of SlashGear, and here’s one of the more outlandish and impressive.  The work of Brass Goggles forum member Herr Döktor, it’s a Steampunk space helmet; it may have started off as a propagator dome and a plastic plantpot, but over the course of 53 pages it evolved into the marvellously detailed helmet you see here.

Various aspects are illuminated, including the dials on the front and multiple gauges inside the dome itself.  As with most Steampunk projects the helmet makes liberal use of scrap and junk. 

The fact that’s reminiscent of Robbie the Robot from the original Lost in Space is quite appealing.  Still, beyond flaunting it on its custom stand, I’m not entirely sure what you’d do with it; in that sense, the Steampunk keyboard is a less dramatic but slightly more usable affair.

[via Hacknmod]

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