Steampunk LEGO AT-AT mixes the best of both worlds

LEGOs. You spent your childhood using them to create pyramids, and caused untold amounts of cursing from adults who stepped on that one brick you kept losing. Little changes when you get older, except you're usually the one stepping on the stray brick and cursing. Some among us, however, take it up a notch and use LEGOs to make fantastic creations, not the least of which is a LEGO steampunk AT-AT.

Flickr user markus19840420 let his creative side loose, and the result was a bronze-colored AT-AT...with a distinct steampunk construction. The AT-AT is fitted with two rear steam engines of some sort, valves included, as well as chains and gears and what looks like a bit of netting.

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The AT-AT was made for a competition (markus is doing well in the polls, if you're curious), and few details about the actual construction exist. Of course, this isn't the only LEGO masterpiece we've seen over the years, and many are just as complex, if not more so.

For Titanfall fans, one crafty LEGO fan created the EVA-8 Shotgun from the game entirely out of LEGOs, including a removable drum, functional trigger, and a sliding pump. We also recently saw a functional cyborg arm surface from BrickFair Virginia made of LEGOs, complete with a smartphone holder, functional fingers, and a bunch of snazzy LEDs.

VIA: Kotaku