Steampunk Frankenstein: it's alive!

You might remember the Steampunk Frankenstein case mod from last month: an 8ft behemoth of brass, ominous lighting, tricked-out gages and water-cooling.  Creator D.Mattocks has been in touch to let us know the huge PC is now finished, complete with some much-welcome Steampunk tweaking to the drives (which previously were left bare plastic).

There's also some ominous "blood red" fluid in the oiler section next to the glass status lamps, which apparently bubbles.  It's separate from the PC's water-cooling, however, as everybody knows blood and electronics don't mix well.

The final Steampunk Frankenstein project took around six months of eBay searching for all the component parts, and weighs in at over 400 pounds.  Cleverly integrated into the back of the case is a dolly system, to help wheel it around.  Check out the full gallery here; next we're promised all the build pictures.