Steampunk eye-pod is creepy and cool (did I mention creepy?)

Shane McGlaun - Jan 22, 2010, 6:13 am CST
Steampunk eye-pod is creepy and cool (did I mention creepy?)

I think there are some cool steampunk contraptions out there and the level of workmanship in many of the creations is staggering. I know I am not qualified to build something along the lines of this strangely cool eye-pod gadget.

Inside the eyeball adorned case sits a first generation iPod Nano. Despite the completely different look of the player once it’s inside the case, the maker says that all of the buttons and features of the iPod are still accessible.

The designer, Dr Grymm, says that there are hidden switches that send a static charge into quartz crystals on either side of the magnified viewing portal. Music can be played through the attached horn on the base or headphones. The eye-pod section has a leather strap that you can use to place the thing on your wrist. The upside to wearing the thing to the gym is that you can guarantee no one will try and talk to you while you workout.

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