Steampunk Arduino Watch tells time and plays games

The last time we saw an Arduino watch that played games its aesthetics were not all that great. It was basically a chunk of tech wired to a sweatband. The latest Arduino watch to surface has much more style and fans of steampunk may be scrambling to make their own.

The maker of the watch offers a video showing what the watch can do and a full materials list so you can make your own if you want. To build you need an Electronics 1 Arduino Mini Pro 328, a 1 FTDI Basic Breakout, 1.5-inche OLED module, Blackberry Trackballer Breakout, and a 1000mAh li-poly battery. Most all of these components are from a company called SparkFun.

The software code needed to make all the parts function is offered at Instructables where the project is outlined. The screen case was carved out of some wood with a carving machine; maybe you could do it with a Dremel and a steady hand. Lots of building and soldering later you have your steampunk watch. The guy behind the project also notes in the comments he can build one for you at a cost of $290.