SteamOS to have NVIDIA developer tools from day one

This week the folks at NVIDIA have suggested that their developer program GameWorks will not be limited to the likes of Linux and Android – not by any stretch of the imagination. NVIDIA made clear that not only would they be extending GameWorks support – developer tools for games, that is – for Ubuntu environments, but for SteamOS as well. In other words – those gaming developers hoping to optimize their games for Steam Machines with NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics cards will be able to do so.

While it's not clear at the moment if games developed with this system will be limited to NVIDIA graphics cards, it's likely he NVIDIA "The Way It's Meant To Be Played" marker will appear alongside the developer's titles when the games boot up. The games themselves will still be purchased and run from Valve's Steam store at its base, but it's likely NVIDIA will support these games optimized with GameWorks with additional press and online publishing support.

""When SteamOS ships, we'll have tools that support SteamOS." – Tony Tamasi – SVP of Content and Technology, NVIDIA

What you'll see in the gallery here is a few photos of the developer tools as they appear on different platforms – Android and Linux are here as well. You'll find that NVIDIA's full GameWorks library works with the full gamut of systems: VisualFX SDK, PhysX SDK, Core SDK, the full Game Compute library and Graphics Library, and Optix SDK.

UPDATE: Speaking direct with Tony Tamasi we've learned that, yes indeed, the tools you're seeing running here with Ubuntu will be essentially the same as they'll be for SteamOS. NVIDIA will also be taking a very similar approach to developing support for SteamOS as they have for other PC platforms. This means similar support on the developer side, but it also means more press push and release support for the public, as well.

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