Steam Sale hits "Exploration" theme for holidays

This week Steam is bringing about one of their yearly initiatives aimed at getting you as many games as you can possibly handle – all at once – as fast as possible. It's a Steam Sale, an infamous event, one in which you see so many games for costs so undeniably low, you can't control your impulses. This week is a Steam Exploration Sale, ready for the days between November 26th and December 2nd – aimed at filling you just as full of game downloads as you are about to be with turkey.

Games like the Goat Simulator MMO arriving for $5 instead of $10, the hacker-friendly drive-and-fire game Watch Dogs for half-off its original price. The horror of all horrors The Evil Within for 66% off – just one digit away from pure evil.

You'll find Don't Starve, The Long Dark, and Lords of the Fallen here as well. This isn't the sort of place where you'll only find games that have long since been forgotten by the masses – this is everything. Newest of the new to the strangest of the strange.

Sid Mier's Civilization – Beyond Earth is included here, as is Counter Strike Global Offensive. Company of Heroes 2 alongside The Stanley Parable. Faster Than Light and the DC Comics fighter Injustice, Gods Among Us. Don't get that confused with The Wolf Among Us, one of the fabulous Telltale Games titles, the final release Cry Wolf included.

This push for games will continue until next week – be sure to check the collection as quick as you can. And empty your wallet while you're at it – you don't need that money for Christmas gifts or anything.