Steam non-gaming video content will soon be gone

JC Torres - Feb 19, 2019, 9:52 pm CDT
Steam non-gaming video content will soon be gone

Steam has always been about games but, in recent years, Valve has worked to expand that brand to other gaming-related products, from hardware to operating systems to videos. That last bit, however, has also grown to include some videos that stretch that association too far. With Valve undergoing some introspection, the company has come to the decision that videos might not be that essential to its bottom line and will be retiring those unrelated content over the coming weeks.

It’s not really far-fetched that Steam would offer videos related at least to the gaming industry. At one point in time, however, it might have envisioned itself as a more general digital content distributor that includes games and videos. As such, it has accumulated over time a number of videos not directly related to gaming.

Those dreams may have been fine at a time when Steam was basically unchallenged in the market. These days, however, the rise of Epic’s Game Store has forced Valve to re-evaluate Steam’s core features and business model. And whenever that happens, things get left on the cutting room floor.

Videos on Steam aren’t going to disappear instantly. The Video section of the store has been removed but those can still be found via search or in associated game or software pages. Over the coming weeks, however, Valve will be removing non-gaming video content completely but those that were purchased already will remain available to owners.

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