Steam Mobile now open to all, Beta testing complete

Last week we let you in on a few bits of functionality that sat inside the mobile version of the gaming giant Steam – this week the beta period for testing of that app is done and everyone is allowed to join at will. This application may have mobile-based games in the future, but for now acts as a companion application for the browser-based interface for PC and Mac computers. You are able to purchase items for future playing from this mobile application, and community engagement is currently the biggest selling point for Steam fans.

You can grab the application from the Android Market right this moment for free and will be able to sign in with your regular Steam account. From here you're going to be exploring the same world of friendly or not so friendly gamers you know and love and will be able to check out gaming information galore on the go. The reason Steam has this application set up is to keep their friendly customers at home in the same community wherever they go, even if they're not able to play the games as they drive to the bakery.

This application can also be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for your iOS devices, it ready to go for all manner of iDevices from iPhone to iPad and back again just so long as you're running iOS 4.0 or newer. This application is, again, free for download and you will need your own Steam name and login to enter the community. For support on this and other Steam applications, head to the Steam Support page and find your way around!