Steam Machine delayed until 2015

The much-awaited slew of Steam Machines will be delayed, it has been announced. The reasons have to do with development demands, with work on wireless prototype controllers in particular getting a mention. Ultimately, says the company, it would rather take more time than turn out an inferior product.

The announcement was made on the Steam Community today, where a small update was posted updating the community on the work being done and where the company is in its progress. The prototype wireless controllers are now being used for live playtests, it has been revealed.

Playtests are being performed by "everyone from industry professionals to die-hard gamers to casual gamers", and accordingly it is providing ample amounts of feedback for the team at work. The by-product of the tests and feedback is the ability to improve the controller, but the downside is that it'll take more time to roll out the final product.

Steam says it is eager to launch its offerings, but that more important is crafting the best product it can. As such, that goal and the work going into the improvements means the release won't take place until some time next year. More updates are promised in the future.

SOURCE: Steam Community