Steam Game Festival becomes Next Fest: Here's when to expect it

The Steam Game Festival is getting something of a branding refresh. From here on out, the Steam Game Festival will be known as Steam Next Fest, with Valve saying that it decided on the name change to "more directly communicate its focus." In addition to this name change, Valve also confirmed when the next Steam Next Fest will be taking place, and it seems to line up well with E3.

Of course, those who have been around for previous Steam Game Festivals already know what the now-renamed Next Fest is all about: game demos. More specifically, Steam uses these events to showcase upcoming games from a wide range of developers, and typically, there are so many demos on offer that it's impossible for a single user to check them all out in the week these events last.

It seems that June's Next Fest will be no different in that regard. While Steam hasn't revealed the developers and games that will be participating in the Steam Next Fest, it has revealed that the event will take place from June 16th to June 22nd. Steam users can head over to the page announcing the Next Fest and set a reminder for when the Next Fest kicks off.

It won't only be demos that Steam Next Fest has on offer, as developers will also be livestreaming their games and answering questions about them directly. All of the games we see during Next Fest will be in-development titles that are slated to launch on Steam, so if you see or play a game you like, you can often add it to your wishlist and get alerts when they've launched.

At the end of it all, it's a good way to get a handle on some upcoming PC games and see what new indie titles are on the horizon. We'll have more details about Steam Next Fest when Valve shares them, so stay tuned for more.