Steam for Linux available now

Today Valve has announced that the Steam client for Linux is now available. The app is now available for download through the Ubuntu Software Center, and of course, as with all major announcements on Steam, the gaming service is holding a week-long sale on 50 Linux games for up to 75% off of their normal price.

The sale is actually pretty decent, with a number of popular titles getting huge discounts. The games are mostly indie titles, but there's a number of games that are well worth the cost. For instance, Counter-Strike: Source is only $5, while Trine 2 is only $3.74. You can also get World of Goo for $2.49, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent (a fantastic horror game) for only $5.

The best part is, while all these game are for Linux, they're also compatible for Windows and Mac, so if you don't use Linux, you can still take advantage of the sale. Half-Life is $5, and a couple of Penumbra games are only a couple of bucks each. There's 50 games in total, all of which are at least compatible with Windows, with just a few missing Mac support.

Valve first discussed Steam for Linux last year in April, and opened up the beta to the public back in December. The client supports Valve's new Big Picture mode, where you can play games and navigate through the client on your big-screen living room television. Plus, Steam supports cross-platform play, so you can start a game on one OS, and finish it later on another.