Steam Experiment 008 Play Next now officially in Steam Library

JC Torres - May 15, 2020, 6:01am CDT
Steam Experiment 008 Play Next now officially in Steam Library

No longer the unchallenged king of PC game digital distribution, Valve has been updating its Steam platform not just in appearance but also in small bits of behavior here and there. Those have mostly been filed under its “Steam Labs Experiments” but, from time to time, those features do make their way to the actual Steam implementation. Just like Experiment number 008 that is now rolling out to the Steam Library to tell you you might want to play next.

These past months have been a great time for gaming, sadly for not so great reasons. Needless to say, people have suddenly found more time to go through their seemingly endless list of unplayed games. Maybe they even have had time to buy more.

But as with any digital content collection, picking what to do or buy next can be a daunting task. Netflix and other streaming services have mastered the art of recommending what to play next to make that easier and keep you hooked. Steam is now jumping on that same trend in its latest update.

Utilizing Experiment No. 002, the Interactive Recommender, the now official “Play Next” feature suggests what games you might want to take up next. These can be based on different factors including, of course, that game you just finished playing. And to give gamers a bit more choice, it will recommend not one, not even three, but sets of games you can play.

Play Next is now rolling out to all Steam users via the latest Steam client update. That update also comes with a few fixes to severe crashes across all three platforms. Even SteamVR gets a small change that prevents Game Theater mode under certain configurations.

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