Steam Chat now live for all: Behold!

Today the Steam Chat system went live for the whole entire world, all at once. This system wasn't necessarily built specifically to destroy any other system for chat – like Discord, for example – but it might well put a dent in their usership. For Steam games anyway. This system was in play in Beta mode for quite a while and just went fully live just today.

Steam Chat is available in both your web browser and in your Steam Client. To see them, have a peek at the following set of links. If you're all about that application on your desktop machine, head over to Steam Client and get up on in. If you're thinking it'd be a better idea to open up chat in your web browser, just head to SteamCommunity and Chat. It's there, and it's live.

Steam Chat is simple and advanced. It's made to at least rival the biggest and best chat systems in the world today – for media sharing, anyway. If you're looking for a chat system to share video, pictures, tweets, and SoundCloud tracks, this is a system you'll want to take a peek at. That includes GIF animated images and YouTube embeds, too.

This system connects Steam users – that means people who are already signed up for the Steam gaming and game store client. Users that sign up for Steam in the near future will also be able to use this chat system. For the time being, it would appear that Steam Chat is and shall remain free to use.

This system also has Voice chats and link invites and channel creation. This all works on the web or in the Steam Client (any one of several platform applications for Steam) and it's all live NOW. Behold or be cast out as an outsider, a pathetic peon gremlin who was never that great at games anyway! That's your fate now!