Stealth Rugged USB Keyboard Features Optical Trackball Mouse, Costs $695

Stealth isn't a stranger to the tech community, so when they go ahead and introduce something like their brand new rugged keyboard, we hope that they're not immediately scoffed at and ignored. Even if it is pretty thick, and, well, rugged. Luckily for those who are curious enough to check it out, the new USB keyboard does feature plenty of features, and a very unique optical trackball mouse, right up there near the right corner.

First, we do have to say that that trackball looks like a crystal ball. Now that we've got that off our chest, we can move on to the other features. First and foremost, and what you'll probably notice right off the bat, is the fact that the keyboard is perfectly housed within a nice, stainless steel package. The other thing you'll notice, are those red keys. They happen to be NVIS-compliant red adjustable backlighting.

But, what about the protection specifications, right? How "rugged" is this "rugged" USB keyboard? Well, it's NEMA 4, 4X, and IP65 specified, which means (at least in the latter part) that the keyboard will be able to handle dust, and water being ejected at it in powerful jets. We're not exactly sure when you'll have your keyboard around powerful jets of water, but hey, at least it will be protected. The keyboard is available right now if you're interested, and it will cost you $695. Not cheap, is it?

[via Stealth]