Stealth MXP by MXI Security now offered in 8GB capacities

James Allan Brady - Apr 4, 2008

It’s not so much the hardware of this thumb drive that would interest prospective buyers, but more the software. Although the security provided by the integrated fingerprint reader is a dandy added bonus to all the software security you get.

MXI, the company that manufactures the drives actually recommends you install entire operating systems on these drives instead of trying to trust whatever it is that’s running on the machine you wind up using. You can get FIPS 140-2 Level 2 portable security solutions on these drives, which are about as secure as it gets.

I’m no security professional, but I know a bit, and I don’t care how good the security on a flash drive is I certainly would not want my underlings running around with an 8GB flash drive, sure, the content of such a flash drive is the real risk, but you can fit a lot less content to be potentially lost or stolen on a smaller flash drive. However, this is a pretty cool flash drive and the type of biometric scanner on this one would make it a bit harder to crack, and then they’d have to crack all the software security on top of that, so at the very least you’d probably have some time to try and find them before they cracked it all. The new 8GB version is not yet listed on their site, but to give you a clue, the 4GB version is $257.

[via mxisecurity]

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