Stay cool with the Koolatron

Keffan Dolly - Jun 11, 2007

I , like many people enjoy having a tasty beverage nearby. Usually I just keep a water bottle or two on my desk or I walk my fat-ass to the fridge in the kitchen, which in the dog days of summer can seem like a long ways. Now, however there is a solution.

Manufactured by Koolatron, this desktop refrigerator can hold 6 cans of your favorite liquid or two 2 litre bottles. And you may be thinking what happens when summer is over? well the Koolatron can also keep your munchables toasty with a temperature of up to 149f.

And for 95 bones you can get yourself a Coca-Cola shaped refrigerator. How can you go wrong?

Koolatron, For Coke Addicts [via Gizmodo]

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