State-of-the-art Star Wars arcade game from Voyager Arcade

Are you an old-school gamer? I'm not talking Nintendo people, I'm talking early 80's arcade action. Well if you're an old-school gamer and a huge Star Wars nut then you might want to check out this awesome refurbished unit from Voyager Arcade.

This is a Star Wars Cockpit Original Arcade Machine circa 1983. It features three different stages that take place during the battle of the first Death Star. This is probably one of the most advanced games that you'll ever play. Here's an excerpt from the description: "The game features a dramatic state-of-the-art color vector graphics system that produces surprisingly realistic effects." I'm so glad I grew up in the 90's.

If you're interested and have an extra $7,900 lying around, you might want to grab one of these quick. You'll be be the envy of every geek on your block.

Star Wars Cockpit Original Arcade Machine in your house [via luxurylaunches]