StatCounter: 1366x768 now the most popular resolution

Remember when we were all using low-resolution 4:3 monitors? Maybe some of you still do, but the majority seem to have switched over to 16:9 and 16:10 screens on their desktops and laptops. New statistics by StatCounter show that 1366x768 has overtaken 1024x768 as the world's most popular resolution.

StatCounter began collecting the data in March 2009, and the latest March 2012 results show the inevitable has happened. 1024x768 started off with 41.8% share in the resolution market, and has fallen to 18.6% as of last month. Meanwhile, 1366x768 jumped from 0.68% to 19.28% over the same period.

As for other resolutions, 1280x800 comes in third place at 13%, and even that has been slipping slowly over time. Meanwhile, high resolutions like 1920x1080 command very little share overall, despite the rise of cheap 1080p monitors over the past year or two. Currently it sits at 5.09% as of March 2012.

Aodhan Cullen, CEO of StatCounter, says that the data "reflects a continuing trend of users moving to larger screen resolution sizes." It's also important data for web developers to be able to design webpages to best suit the different resolutions.

[via Engadget]