Staring Cats Light Sculpture kitties are fixated

Brenda Barron - Sep 12, 2008
Staring Cats Light Sculpture kitties are fixated

This Staring Cats Light Sculpture was designed by Steve Bishop and it really is unique. And though it reminds me of those statues with the glowing eyes in The Neverending Story, this cat sculpture works much the same way without the threat of incineration.

Two cat statues are faced toward each other a few feet apart. Once powered up, the cats’ eyes will light up and shine bright beams of light toward one another. Well, not exactly. It’s fluorescent tubing that connects the cats. This makes it so they are fixated on one another.

And though the wires on the floor take away from the ethereal quality of these cat models, it’s still pretty cool. Where can I get one?

[via Coolbuzz]

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