Stardew Valley is coming to Xbox Game Pass

Stardew Valley took the indie world by storm when it was released five years ago, and in the time since then, developer Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone has shipped several huge updates for the game. Stardew Valley has attracted a lot of fans throughout its five-year run, but now it looks like even more people will get the chance to play it, as Barone has confirmed that Stardew Valley will be coming to Xbox Game Pass later this year.

Unfortunately, Barone couldn't give a precise release date when he stopped by the most recent Xbox and Twitchgaming Showcase, but he did say the launch should happen sometime this fall. "I'm happy to announce that Stardew Valley will be coming to Game Pass," Barone said. "There's not a set release date yet, but it's probably sometime in the fall, and it'll be on both Windows and Xbox consoles."

So, there you have it: one of the biggest indie games of the past decade is going to make its way to Xbox Game Pass shortly. By now, we're guessing that most people who wanted to play Stardew Valley have already, considering that the game costs $15 at full price on PC, but for those who may have missed the game or didn't think it was for them, this will be a good chance to take it for a spin.

Since Barone has added each major content update to Stardew Valley free of charge, Xbox Game Pass players will have access to all of the content that's ever been released for the game. Importantly, that means Xbox Game Pass players will have access to co-op play, which was added in Stardew Valley's version 1.3 update back in 2018.

This is a big release for Xbox Game Pass, as Stardew Valley could wind up being one of the most popular games on the service. We'll let you know when Microsoft and Barone announce a release date for Stardew Valley on Xbox Game Pass.