Star Wars 'what if' explores one major Palpatine fail

Star Wars fans produced an animated video exploring an alternate reality in which Palpatine's "Order 66" had failed. Even without the video, it's interesting to think: If Star Wars was reality, what would it have taken for Palpatine to fail at the tail end of Revenge of the Sith? Could a few small factors change the tide, or was Palpatine so well situated that his endgame was inevitable?

The video shown here was published by Star Wars Theory, animated by Benny Productions and scored (partially) by Samuel Kim Music. This iteration of reality suggests that The Jedi were more than ready to defend their lives as clone troopers aimed to shoot them in the back. Almost like the scene in which Yoda successfully removes the heads of a pair of would-be clone killers was filmed for this reality, but the rest was scrapped.

This "what if" scenario also suggests Yoda could have – and very well should have – remained on Coruscant, or at least flew back a bit earlier than he did. Given the time, Yoda could've joined Mace Windu and crew to make quick work of Palpatine.

Would that Plo Koon were still on Coruscant to join Obi-Wan in his hunt for Anakin – what then? What if instead of leaving Anakin a scorched husk on the lava beach, Obi-Wan captured Anakin and tossed him in a protective cell?

One might guess that there'd be a bit of a Juggernaut type situation in which, regardless of how tightly Anakin was locked down, his mastery of the Force would allow him to bust out. Of course there's always the possibility that Jar Jar would come to the rescue. Perhaps that's the rogue factor – the bit of reality that's always going to cause the vast majority of the path to move forward in time, regardless of how many different scenarios we run.

What do you think? If the situation in Star Wars during Revenge of the Sith were real, what would it take to save the universe from the rule of Emperor Palpatine?