Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker arrives on digital video days early

Just in time for a weekend spent in self-quarantine comes Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on digital video. Disney released the video early on Friday, though it can only be purchased at this point. The movie was originally scheduled to arrive on digital video on March 17. The Rise of Skywalker isn't the only movie to experience big changes this month.

As tends to be the case, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is available to purchase on digital video ahead of its disc release. This means you can grab the title now from services like Amazon and Vudu, then stream it directly using your favorite streaming device or your chosen service's mobile app.

The new Star Wars movie is priced at $19.99; the price is to purchase the video in resolutions ranging up to 4K. According to Vudu, the digital rental version of the movie will be available starting on March 31, the same date when Disney will release the Blu-ray disc option. Fans eager to get the Blu-ray can preorder it now at $24.99.

Walmart's Vudu service likewise says that its The Rise of Skywalker offerings include exclusive Collector's Content; the service doesn't elaborate on what that means, however.

It's unclear why Disney chose to release the movie early, but it's fair to speculate that it may hope to capitalize on the large number of people who will spend this weekend staying indoors. The company recently delayed multiple theatrical movie premieres, as did Paramount Pictures with its A Quiet Place 2.