Star Wars: The Old Republic to get updates to fix major issues

If you are a big fan of the awesome BioWare MMORPG SWTOR, you will be glad to hear that updates to fix a couple of issues that many gamers are having are inbound. The specific issues that are being addressed in the updates include the issue with Ability Delay and an issue with a glitch that let people gain more Valor than they should have by exploiting the glitch.

The Ability Delay issue has apparently been around since the game launched. The issue is when abilities that are listed on cool down are actually still usable. Another issue is with instant abilities failing to trigger in combat. There are two fixes out of three that will be coming in the next update to address those problems.

The Valor glitch issue called Ilum PvP that happened after a patch not long ago is going to be addressed as well. The developers aren't just going to roll back Valor gained during the glitch period since some gamers might have gained the Valor and abilities legitimately. However, the logs that the game keeps can tell the developers where and how the players gain the Valor and those that used the glitch will be hit with the "appropriate measures" they say. Appropriate measures would presumably be a roll back of Valor.

[via Ripten]