Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer rehashed in 16-bit stylings

The Internet can't get enough of modern media being turned into 16-bit masterpieces. We've seen numerous examples via the always wonderful (and somewhat disingenuously named) 8-bit Cinema, for example, and some have even taken to creating philosophy videos in fun pixelated stylings. It's no surprise, then, that someone has created a rendition of the latest Star Wars movie's trailer rehashed as a 16-bit video game, bringing back memories of playing Star Wars games on the SNES. Video after the jump!

Everything you'd expect is there: there are pixels and more pixels, static images that slide across the display, a lot of zooming and panning, and more. The audio hasn't been rehashed as is common in these videos, however, helping it retain that theatrical trailer feel.

The video above was made by "Noober Goobers Gaming, Inc", and is a 240p resolution 16-bit "game" of The Force Awakens trailer. Those who are particular about their 16-bit art might take issue with the pixelated stills and whatnot, but it's a fun look at the movie regardless.

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SOURCE: Gizmodo