Star Wars The Force Awakens: Episode 7 officially named

This morning the next Star Wars movie was named officially – Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This is Star Wars 7, the move set to be released in 2016. Star Wars The Force Awakens has completed principal photography, and it's suggested that the first trailer is also cut and prepped for delivery. Now we'll have to start guessing what vehicle it'll come in on. Any guesses on what movie it'll start before? Maybe The Hobbit? Something epic? Into The Woods? Big Hero 6? Something Disney owns, that's for certain.

Word comes from Star Wars officially that The Force Awakens sits as the full title for Star Wars: Episode VII. This suggests that we'll not be outside the jurisdiction of the Jedi, and hints that we may see the resurgence of the Jedi Council.

Now that The Empire is defeated, we'll be dealing with the restructuring of the Republic. Right? So what happens with all the Force just floating around in space? Surely Luke and Leia aren't the only ones able to make use of it?

Clues abound! Maybe Rebels will give us a hint, somehow or another?

Stay tuned as Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens opens on December 18th, 2015. They'll need that much time to edit all the special effects.

Have a peek at our extended Star Wars tag portal as well as a bunch more Episode VII news in the timeline below. And be sure to let us know what YOU think The Force Awakens implies!