Star Wars super fan sits through 46-hour marathon

A couple of weeks ago I sat through five of the original six Star Wars movies, and considered that a pretty good accomplishment for a day. I actually wrote about my experience with the Machete Order here. However, 11 hours of Star Wars is nothing compared to what one super fan did.

The Alamo Drafthouse recently held a contest to find the biggest Star Wars fan in the land. To do this, they showed the original six films, and then kept The Force Awakens running on repeat. Whoever could last the longest without giving up (or passing out) would be crowned king.

Jim Barden of Austin decided to take the challenge, and came prepared. He armed himself with things like peppermint gum and lemons to help keep himself awake. He was also careful not to eat large meals or resort to energy drinks that can lead to crashing. Oh, and he had a single black coffee every six hours.

As you can guess, this well-prepared fan took the gold after sitting through 46 hours of Star Wars. That includes not only a single run of both trilogies, but nine screenings of The Force Awakens. Oh, and one showing of the Star Wars Holiday Special. (That alone should earn anyone a medal) The Alamo Drafthouse dubbed him the biggest Star Wars fan in the country, for his feat.

In addition to the glory, he received "a seven-year movie pass to Alamo Drafthouse theaters, a complete set of 2015 and 2016 Topps Star Wars Card Reader cards, and a selection of mega-rare STAR WARS Mondo prints ." Oh, and he's also having a theater seat named in his honor, complete with a special naming ceremony.

It's hard to say if there are any bigger fans in the country, but I can't say that there are many people who could sit in a theater for that long. Even for Star Wars.

VIA: BirthMoviesDeath