Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay trailer puts you in the pilot's seat

There are often two or three things that Star Wars fans would probably like to be in a game adaption of the space opera franchise. One is to be a Jedi Knight or even a Sith, something that most Star Wars games have already delivered on repeatedly. The other is a space fighter pilot, either for the Empire or the Rebel Alliance, a fantasy that EA Games will soon try to fulfill in Star Wars: Squadrons coming later this year.

After a rather massive leak last month, EA decided to just let the cat out of the bag and reveal its next big Star Wars game. It might not be big in terms of the scope of the story, considering you'll be spending it mostly in a cockpit, but it will still be huge in terms of the gameplay experiences it promises for those who do have a thrill for fast-paced driving in space.

Star Wars: Squadrons puts you in the shoes of both an Imperial pilot as well as a Rebel Vanguard but the trailer implies your choices will still determine how things turn out (but we all know how the saga ends anyway). That is, of course, for the single-player mode that will take you through various iconic locations in the Star Wars galaxy.

Many players will likely spend their time fulfilling their dreams in the various multiplayer modes, which includes space dogfights that the movies are perhaps most popular for. Unlike in those movies, however, not everyone will simply be a starfighter pilot as there are a total of 8 ships to master, four on each side.

As with any game these days, especially those with online elements, there will always be a question about loot boxes and pay-to-win mechanics. EA Games assures that you can earn everything you need simply by playing the game, including Ewok bobbleheads to spruce up your cockpit.