Star Wars slot car sets don't use cars

This is so awesome. I had a bunch of slot car sets when I was a kid; I was never very good at racing them though. Mostly I concentrated on making the cars leave the track and hit the people racing against me in the gonads. That trick takes more skill than you might imagine. I would have so owned one of these as a kid. Honestly, I might order both of them now.

What we have here is a pair of Star Wars themed slot car sets. They don't use small racecars at all. One of the sets is called Death Star Attack and has Vader's Tie Fighter and Luke's X-Wing as the vehicles. This set ever glows in the dark and races though what appears to be part of the box. The other set is the one I like best.

It is the Battle of Endor and has a couple white skeleton looking troopers racing around on the speeders. I guess the company didn't want to license the real likeness for the vehicles. Exactly when these sets will launch is unknown. The Death Star set will cost around $109 and the Endor set will be around $156.

[via Technabob]