Star Wars Shop offering Black Friday savings

Brenda Barron - Nov 26, 2008
Star Wars Shop offering Black Friday savings

If you have a Star Wars fan in your family, or you are one yourself, then you’re going to want to check out the Black Friday sale at the official Star Wars Shop. You’ll save a bunch on all sorts of items, from small toys for stocking stuffers to serious memorabilia.

It looks like you can save 10% on every item in the store. While that might not be as much as some other online sales, considering the fact this discount covers the entire stock and includes high ticket items, it’s pretty significant. So, if you’ve been holding out on a replica lightsaber or a bronzed Yoda statue, now is the time to act.

Star Wars buffs usually can’t get enough memorabilia. So if you have one in your life, you might want to seriously consider taking advantage of this sale. I mean, why wait and spend more than you have to?

[via Gadgetell]

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