Star Wars original trilogy will be turned into animated shorts for kids

Disney has revealed plans to create a series of short animated videos based on the original Star Wars trilogy. These animated shorts will be targeted at children and feature iconic characters from the first three movies, including Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo. The new series will be called the Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures and serve to introduce young viewers to the franchise's pivotal moments, classic themes, and more.

Lucasfilm revealed the new series today, including a teaser trailer that gives fans an idea of what to expect. A total of six short animated episodes will be released on the Star Wars Kids website and Star Wars Kids YouTube channel starting on November 30. Original dialogue, sound effects, and music from the trilogy will be included in these animated shorts.

Other animated short episodes will be added to the series starting in December, and Disney promises that additional regular releases will drop throughout 2019. It's unclear how many episodes Lucasfilm has planned. In addition to the series, Disney says it will be providing educational and fun add-ons designed to help adults or older kids introduce younger audiences to the Star Wars galaxy.

Lucasfilm's VP for franchise content and strategy James Waugh explained in the company's announcement that Galaxy of Adventure is intended to help parents guide their kids into the Star Wars Universe, introducing key points in the series, important characters, and other information they need to ensure they can follow along with the newer movies.

Lucasfilm teases that its new animated short series is only one part of multiple planned initiatives falling under the Galaxy of Adventure. The series — all components of it — will continue to run up through the arrival of the latest Star Wars movie hitting theaters in December 2019.