Star Wars mugs change design when hot

It's getting cold out, at least for those in the north/east, and that means hot beverages. Sure, you could swing by Starbucks for a hot apple cider or some coffee, but paper cups are boring, and life is too short for that. Enter the temptation to bring your own mug, a temptation amplified by the new beauties ThinkGeek has rolled out. The couple of new Star Wars mugs change their design when filled with hot liquids.

First up is the new Star Wars Darth Vader mug, which is black with a charcoal colored Vader standing on the side, arm up, cape flapping elegantly behind him. It's a plain mug until you pour your coffee in it, at which point the words "You Don't Know the Power of the Dark Side" appear, as well as Vader's lightsaber.

The Vader mug is priced at $11.99 USD. If that's not your ideal beverage holder, there's also the heat changing Battle Scene Mug, which has various spaceships battling it out over a black background. Between the stars is a dark void, but once hot liquid is poured in the mug, lasers appear. That mug is likewise priced at $11.99 USD.

If you're not into Star Wars, ThinkGeek has a bunch of other heat changing mugs of various sorts — there's the giant 20oz Star Trek ceramic mug ($16.99 USD), for example, as well as the Space Invaders ($12.99 USD) mug, the TARDIS mug ($9.99 USD), and the 8 Bit Rise and Shine ($11.99 USD) mug. See them all here!

SOURCE: ThinkGeek 1, 2