Star Wars Lightsaber Academy Is An Interactive Training System For Padawans

Hasbro has introduced the latest evolution in toy lightsabers with its new Star Wars Lightsaber Academy. The system involves an extendable toy lightsaber that works with a mobile app to help kids develop their Jedi skills. Hasbro is also offering a basic version of its new toy lightsabers that doesn't include Bluetooth, as well as a version of the lightsaber that has sound effects and simulates light effects.

Extendable toy lightsabers, including ones that light up and make noise, are nothing new. Of interest, however, is the new Star Wars Lightsaber Academy, a "training system" that includes the Lightsaber Academy App and a toy saber with Bluetooth connectivity. The system is billed as a way to help kids "become a lightsaber expert."

The training system teaches kids how to perform what Hasbro called "official Star Wars moves," which may mean different fighting techniques featured in the movies. Kids can choose from five major Star Wars universe characters, including Jedi and Sith, for their training journey. Progress is tracked in the Lightsaber Academy app.

The lightsaber designed for the training system features Smart-Hilt tech, which tracks the user's movements to issue scores for different moves. Players level up in the app, and they can challenge their friends to battles — assuming those friends also have the system, of course.

Hasbro will release the Star Wars Lightsaber Academy training system this upcoming Fall season for $49.99 USD; additional lightsabers will cost extra. The basic and more advanced non-Bluetooth lightsabers will also be arriving this Fall for $7.99 USD and $19.99 USD, respectively.