Star Wars Eclipse Confirmed With Stunning Cinematic Trailer

One of the first new games announced at The Game Awards 2021 is Star Wars Eclipse, an action-adventure title set in the universe's High Republic era. Though details about the upcoming title are slim at this time, LucasFilm and developer Quantic Dream revealed the game with a stunning cinematic trailer nearly three minutes in length.

Rumors about a new Star Wars game called Eclipse surfaced in recent weeks, leaving fans hopeful that another major installment in the universe's video game lineup was inbound. LucasFilm confirmed that with the newly released trailer, noting that Quantic Dream has been tapped to develop the title.

The video game is set during what is known as the High Republic era, which refers to a sort of golden age that existed hundreds of years before the movies set in the Skywalker era (via Wookieepedia). Disney has been heavily targeting this particular time period in the Star Wars universe, having kicked things off in a big way back in early 2020 with new High Republic novels and comic books.

As the rumors had previously claimed, Eclipse is coming from the same developer behind Detroit: Become Human. LucasFilm describes the upcoming game as an action-adventure title, but it hasn't revealed a release date (or even a release timeframe) nor any details about the gameplay.

What we do know, however, is that players will get to navigate the game as one of multiple different characters, each unique with their own abilities, as they participate in events that may jeopardize the peace that marks the High Republic era.

The official Star Wars YouTube account has published the cinematic trailer, as well as a key piece of information: Eclipse is still in early development, so it'll likely be a while before we get more information about it. However, a website for the game has gone live with the following description:


In an uncharted section of the galaxy with never-before-seen species and planets to discover, this part of the Outer Rim is rife with opportunity – and political tensions that could alter the fabric of peace. What will you do?

The website includes the option to sign up for future updates about the game, as well as a downloadable Fan Kit that includes social media avatars, banners, and wallpapers for desktop and mobile.