Star Wars coming to Xbox Kinect

Star Wars fans the wait is over. Microsoft is bringing a Star Wars title to the Xbox lineup. Although not clear on the exact title, it appears to be simply Star Wars Kinect. The body control of the Kinect puts you in direct control of the action. Not clear on the voice control capability, they didn't show any voice control functions in today's reveal. What we did see looks very promising, and we are looking forward to getting our hands on the demo.

Star Wars Kinect puts the player one step closer to actually being able to use the power of The Force. The usual light saber wielding can be seen in the short clip we saw at E3 today, along with other abilities like Force Push. The graphics look like what we would expect from the Xbox 360, doing a fine job of showing Jedis jumping, slashing, and blasting their way through hoards of droid troops.

With the customization from the newly available Kinect Fun Labs, maybe we will be able to put our own faces and bodies into the game in place of the stock Jedi, but probably just getting our hopes up on that one. Another key point they didn't mention this morning was the release date. We are guessing sometime this year, but that is just a guess. One thing was clear, this is not a Star Wars themed workout video for the Kinect. This looks to be the next serious installment in the Star Wars games arena.