Star Wars: Battlefront season pass gets you 16 maps, and a custom emote

Season passes are the new fad for AAA games. Buying one is a way to give money to a publisher up-front, in exchange for a discount on DLC that will come out over a period of time. Sure, it saves you some money, if you plan on buying all of the DLC, but it turns your $60 game into a $110 game. So what does the season pass for Battlefront get you?

EA has announced that the season pass for Star Wars: Battlefront will include a total of four expansion packs. These packs will contain 16 new multiplayer maps, 4 new game modes, 4 more heroes and villains, and 20 pieces of "galactic tech." "Galactic tech" is just fancy-speak for weapons, vehicles and Star Cards.

In addition to getting access to these four sets of DLC, having the season pass will allow you to play each of them two weeks before the rest of the population. Oh, and they're throwing in an exclusive "Shoot First" emote. One can only hope that this translates into your character shooting finger guns at opponents. If I can make Vader pointing finger guns at people, it'll be worth the price tag.

The base game drops tomorrow, and will set you back $60. Should you opt-in for the season pass, you're looking at an extra $50. The first round of DLC will be released sometime in early 2016.

Source: EA