Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One DLC unveiled, quadruple XP weekend continues

Heads up in case you missed the news: gamers can get quadruple points all weekend on Star Wars Battlefront, something offered in celebration of the game's one-year anniversary. It's not terribly unusual for the studio to hold double-points weekends, but this quadruple points weekend is a rare event indeed, and one that can help you level up to higher character tiers — and rack up credits — very quickly. The event follows EA's announcement of the December DLC.

It doesn't seem like so much time could have passed already, but Star Wars Battlefront is officially one-year old now, and players are being rewarded in the celebration. It seems like an appropriate time for EA to announce the launch of the final DLC: Rogue One: Scarif. It'll be available on December 6 just ahead of the movie's official arrival in theaters.

According to EA, this DLC will include four news maps, at least one of them on the planet Scarif, which itself has been glimpsed at via the movie trailers. The studio teases that the DLC may include an AT-ACT, among other things. We'll also get some new heroes to play as: Orson Krennic and Jyn Erso. There will also be another multi-stage mode (as with the Battlestation game) that involves both ground and space combat.

Meanwhile, everyone who plays this weekend will get quadruple scores, meaning a single game can easily increase your rank 10k+ points at a time. As well, all the expansion maps are currently free, so even those who don't have a season pass can get in on the DLC fun.

SOURCE: Star Wars Battlefront