Star Wars Battlefront gets a new offline mode next week

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 15, 2016, 1:29 pm CDT
Star Wars Battlefront gets a new offline mode next week

Star Wars Battlefront is great if you enjoy both Star Wars and online shooting games, but it feels incomplete and the offline gameplay is particularly terrible. That will change (a tiny bit) next week with the addition of a new offline mode called “Skirmish.” EA says it also has some other goodies planned for release this summer, including new Hutt Contracts, login reward opportunities, and more. All of this will lead up to the “Death Star” DLC set to release in September.

The new offline mode will be available on July 21, and will allow gamers to play in Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron games both alone or as a split-screen game with a friend. The modes will be available on several maps, though EA doesn’t say which ones specifically. Users will be able to choose a difficulty level.

Season Pass holders just recently got access to the “Bespin” DLC, which takes gamers to Cloud City and adds Lando as a hero, among a ton of other changes. The wait for the DLC, Death Star, won’t be too long, as EA says it will be released to Season Pass holders this upcoming September. That DLC will include new maps, new weapons, two new heroes, and new Star Cards.

EA doesn’t say which two heroes will be added to the game, but it teases that one of them is a “larger-than-life character we know you’ve been patiently waiting for.” Those who don’t have a season pass will have the option of buying the DLC separately.


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