Star Wars Battlefront 'Bespin' DLC now available

Star Wars Battlefront owners who have been waiting for the latest DLC pack to arrive can download it now. Bespin, the newest expansion pack, became available as of yesterday (and right on time). The DLC takes gamers to the vast and sparkly clean CloudCity, where they can battle it out in five new maps with a couple of new weapons and several new star cards, as well as a pair of new heroes.

The Bespin update brings some changes both big and small, many that you'll be able to spot quickly if you've played the game before. Aside from the new polishing here and there, players get access to two new weapons, the X-8 Night Sniper blaster pistol and the EE-4, a spread burst weapon.

These are joined by three new Star Cards, the Shock Grenade card, Scout Binoculars, which outlines enemies when you're zooming with the goggles, and Disruption, which will cause the weapons of nearby soldiers to overheat. If none of those things are exciting enough, the expansion also brings two new heroes: Lando Calrissian, who gets a Power Blast, Shocking Trap, and System Disruption, and Dengar who gets Explosive Rush, Frenzied Blast, and Hurricane Strike.

If you enjoy completing Hutt Contracts, there are eight new ones in Bespin. There's also the addition of a Cloud Car vehicle, which is slow and better suited for zipping around close to enemies on the ground. Finally, the rank cap has been increased from 60 to 70, there's now Shock Trooper and Bespin wing guard appearances, Royal Guards are now available for Palpatine, and Alderaan Guards are available for Leica. Hit up the link below to see the full changelog.