Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be enhanced for the Xbox One X

Star Wars fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Star Wars Battlefront 2, the sequel to 2015's fun-but-disappointing Battlefront game. We learned more about the game in recent months, and it was just last month that we also got details on the 'Xbox One X' console. A natural question, then, is this: will Battlefront 2 be optimized for the newer console? The answer has surfaced on Microsoft's own website.

If you head over to the website and navigate to the Star Wars Battlefront 2 game page, you'll see some info like the November 17 availability date, the features that have been revealed, screenshots from the game, ratings, genre, and in a tiny bit of text, one important piece of information: "Xbox One X Enhanced."

The Xbox One X is itself an eagerly anticipated update to the popular Xbox One console, bringing with it 'true 4K' graphics, better frame rates, and more. Games, of course, will have to take advantage of these improved specs, and we know many upcoming titles will be made available with this support — Star Wars Battlefront 2 included.

As for the game itself, EA is hoping to redeem the product by taking to heart feedback (and well-deserved criticism) from fans who were disappointed about the unfinished nature of the game upon release. The lack of a campaign was compounded by maps hidden behind DLC paywalls, fragmenting the gamers who played the game while sealing off some of the best content from non-DLC players.

The new game will take players to the Starkiller Base, Yavin 4's rebel base, and more, allowing gamers to battle the First Order, play as a Star Wars hero (or villain), and more. The game will have battlegrounds pulled from three different eras of Star Wars movies, mixing together both old and new landscapes. There will be tauntauns to ride, unlike in the first game, tanks, and new major characters like Darth Maul and Kylo Ren.