Star Wars Battlefront 2 update brings the big changes fans demanded

Fans were, to put it mildly, not happy with the changes EA had made to Star Wars Battlefront 2. The progression system had relied heavily on microtransactions, essentially forcing players to choose between either spending additional real-world money on a game they already paid for or failing to progress in the game. Many people boycotted the game as a result, some even reaching out to Disney in an effort to disrupt its relationship with the game company. Things, finally, are changing.READ: SWBF2 loot box controversy hits EA where it hurts

Those unfamiliar with the fallout over EA's decision should check out this post to get caught up and watch the video below. To put it simply, EA's decision to use a Pay2Win progression system with Battlefront 2 was the tipping point for many gamers who are tired of seeing loot boxes and microtransactions take such a prominent role in modern gaming.

Angry fans turned against the company, which then earned the distinction of having the most downvoted post in Reddit history.

When it became clear that fans were serious about boycotting the game and attempting to disrupt its business ties with Disney, EA went on damage control. The company announced around launch time that it would disable the ability to purchase crystals, an in-game currency. On November 13, EA then announced big changes it planned to make to Battlefront 2 and how its progression system works.

That brings us to today's announcement: EA says it has a major update that will be released on March 21. Once it arrives, Battlefront 2's progression system will work linearly. Any in-game items that impact gameplay will only be available to players who earn them; you won't be able to buy them, which puts everyone on a more even playing field. Simply put, microtransactions are removed from the progression system.

Experience points, meanwhile, will be earned and used to unlock ships, classes, and hero characters used in the multiplayer game. Says EA, players who earn enough XP to level up will get a Skill Point. That Skill Point can then be used to either upgrade or unlock a Star Card.

As well, loot crates will no longer contain Star Cards after the update; you won't be able to buy crates. Instead, you'll get crates when you complete milestones, log in, and complete timed challenges. When you do get crates, you'll find they contain things like victory poses, credits, and cosmetic items, making them similar to the crates used in Overwatch.

Your existing items will remain, however, once the update arrives — players don't have to worry about losing their weapons, Star Cards, heroes, or other in-game items. Once April arrives, players will be able to use Crystals and credits to get various appearances. These will give players new looks for their troopers and heroes.