Star Wars: Battlefront 2 springs back to life thanks to Disney

It would appear that Disney has revived a classic Star Wars game from the past. Not to be confused with the modern Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (which is coming up later this year), Disney has brought the multiplayer servers for 2005's Battlefront 2 back online. Those servers were run by GameSpy up until its shut down back until 2014, and in the time since then, those who wanted to play Battlefront 2 online had to rely on GameRanger.

No longer, though. In a post to the Battlefront 2 Steam Community, Disney announced that it's bringing official multiplayer servers for Battlefront 2 back online. It doesn't give a reason for this decision, but we doubt fans of the game will care, as Battlefront 2 is held in high regard among the Star Wars faithful.

Disney has interesting timing with this Battlefront 2 revival, though. With the open beta for 2017's Battlefront 2 launching this weekend, you'd think that the company would want all eyes on that title. Perhaps Disney doesn't view the old Battlefront 2 as a threat to the new one?

Ultimately, the fact that Battlefront 2's servers are back online could be a good thing for Star Wars fans in more ways than one. When EA rebooted the Star Wars: Battlefront series in 2015, many fans of the first two games had a laundry list of complaints. The rebooted game certainly didn't live up to its name, at least when considering how good 2005's Battlefront 2 actually was.

With the Battlefront 2 multiplayer community now active again, it could push EA to do more with its current Battlefront series, which can only be a good thing for fans. We'll see where this leads and how long Disney plans supports Battlefront 2's servers, but for the moment, it seems that some players are having difficulty connecting to the game. Hopefully those issues get resolved soon, so if you're having problems, sit tight.