Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta extended: two more days to play

If you missed the chance to play the public Star Wars Battlefront 2 public beta this weekend, EA has you covered. The company has announced an extension for the beta that leaves it available for a couple more days, giving everyone a chance to try it for the first time or keep grinding away at getting those coveted crates.

The game's public beta officially launched in the early morning hours of Saturday, October 7, and it was set to go dark by Monday. On its SWBF2 Twitter account, EA fired off a tweet announcing that the beta has been extended to Wednesday, October 11. This gives everyone two extra days to keep playing.

The beta, which can be downloaded now for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, offers players an opportunity to play online multiplayer in 'Strike,' 'Galactic Assault,' and 'Starfighter Assault.' There's a very limited number of maps, plus access to 'Arcade' for local play with AI. There's also a preview for the campaign, but that isn't playable in the beta.

There's a lot to like about the game, including excellent graphics offering more dynamic, detailed environments than the original game. Unfortunately, there are also some issues that have players upset, particularly the 'progression' system that relies heavily on crates.

Whereas in the original game players unlocked weapons and cards by completing various tasks, Battlefront 2 dishes these items out through crates. Players get a daily crate with some random goodies, including occasional 'crate parts' for eventually crafting a crate. The only other option is to buy the crates.