Star Wars: Bad Batch show episode 1, 2, 3 details just dropped

If you've been digging for early leaks of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, you've probably felt pretty spoiled. If not, now's not the time to give in to the dark side! If you'd like to sort of go halfway without spoiling yourself, Disney+ just released a lovely sort of teaser. We now know the names, descriptions, and lengths of the first two episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

The premier of the show will take place on Tuesday, May 4, 2021. That's sort of strange, given that every previous release of a Star Wars show on Disney+ took place on a Friday. This one is special, as we're getting two episodes right out the gate.

On May 4, AKA Star Wars Day, we get the first episode of Bad Batch called "Episode 1, Aftermath." This episode will be a whopping 75 minutes long, including credits. In the description for the show's latest trailer, we learn the episode itself will be 70 minutes long – which implies that we'll have just 5 minutes of credits at the end of said episode.

This is a tiny detail, but important, given the bonkers length of credits sequences in recent Disney+ releases like WandaVision. We'll also be crossing our fingers that the credits are entertaining and worth the watch, as they were with The Mandalorian, complete with early concept art strewn among the names of the creators and actors.

Episode 1, Aftermath is described in a single sentence: "The clones of The Bad Batch fine themselves in a changing galaxy after The Clone Wars." This show will start very soon after Order 66 takes place, The Republic converts into The Galactic Empire.

Episode 2 will not debut on May 4, 2021. Episode 2 will instead appear on Friday – the Friday just 3 days after the first episode premiers. The second episode is called "Episode 2, Cut and Run." This episode is just 31 minutes long, including credits. This episode is described as such: "The Bad Batch visit an old contact."

Episode 3's title, description, and runtime leaked as well. Brace yourself for this one – it's bad news. The runtime on this episode is just 28 minutes. At this rate, The Bad Batch episodes will be short enough for social media by the end of season 1. Bad Batch Episode 3 is titled "Replacements." This episode is described as such: "The Batch get stuck on a desolate moon."

The first episode is longer than the rest and will debut on May 4, 2021. We'll see each new episode from that point appearing on Friday.