Star Wars 7 heroes named officially

This afternoon the folks at Lucasfilm have decided to reveal the names of the characters that'll be heading the next three Star Wars movies. They've done this with a set of vintage Star Wars trading cards, the likes of which you'll recognize if you were alive when the original trilogy was released – or if you're just a very big fan with eyes on the classics. Here you'll see every hero from the first teaser trailer released this year – all at once, in official fashion!

Above you'll see BB-8, the ball droid we see immediately after the stormtrooper in the desert scene at the beginning of the trailer. Below you'll see the trailer once again in all its glory. We're going to make this short and leave the images to speak for themselves, for the most part – Lucasfilm is letting this bit be visual for the most part!

Below you'll see the rest of the Star Wars sci-fi collector cards, as shared exclusively (for now) with Entertainment Weekly. As soon as they're released without watermarks, we'll be all over em and sharing them here as well.

UPDATE: The full set has been released!

In the gallery above you'll find Poe Dameron as the X-Wing Pilot. It's likely his last name isn't as important as the couple of other heroes you see there – Rey (the woman on the speeder bike) and Finn (the helmet-less stormtrooper.) Chances are their last names are highly significant.

Below you'll see the dark side fellow by the name of Kylo Ren. He's the one with the triple-bladed lightsaber, if it wasn't already clear.

Finally, the last batch (plus the droid again if you want to see him larger) is a set you'll likely have already identified. Have at em!

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