Star Trek theme park coming to Aqaba, Jordan in 2014

Apparently, there are Star Trek geeks in all parts of the world as evidenced by the pending launch of a Star Trek theme park in Aqaba, Jordan. The park is set to open in 2014 and will be part of the Red Sea Astrarium. The entertainment resort will be built on 184 acres and the Star Trek park will be among the attractions.

Apparently, the Jordan ruler, King Abdullah II is a huge Star Trek fan; in fact, he even had a non-speaking role in Star Trek: Voyager back in his teen days. The king is making an investment of $1.5 billion in the project according to a paper in the area. The resort that the park will be integrated into has all sorts of interesting things to offer.

In addition to the Star Trek park the Red Sea Astrarium will also have all sorts of real world features. There will be a pavilion for instance where businesses, students, and others can learn about solar and wind power along with graywater harvesting. The park is being licensed by CBS Consumer Products so it will be official.

[via MSNBC]