Star Trek: Prodigy animated kids series for Paramount+ gets its first trailer

The animated Star Trek TV series for children that was announced last year, Prodigy, finally has a trailer, giving fans their first look at the animation style and what they can expect. The series comes from Viacom's Nickelodeon for the CBS streaming platform Paramount+. Among other things, the trailer includes a familiar voice that old-school Star Trek fans will immediately recognize.Prodigy has been in the pipeline for a while. We first heard hints about the show in 2019 when CBS said it planned an animated kids series set in the science fiction universe, though we didn't know any details at the time. Fast-forward to mid-2020 and some details finally emerged.

It was announced that the series would be called Star Trek: Prodigy. A while after that, more details dropped, namely that the series would include the voice of Kate Mulgrew, the actor who played Captain Kathryn Janeway in the Star Trek: Voyager series. Mulgrew's voice can be heard narrating the new trailer.

As for the series, it introduces viewers to what appears to be children stuck on a space mining colony that they hope to escape. During their effort, the kids come across the USS Protostar, a grounded Starfleet ship that opens the door for a new life and freedom.

Prodigy is a milestone for the Star Trek franchise, marking its first computer-animated series. It's no secret that CBS plans to heavily expand its original content based on the Star Trek universe, somewhat mirroring the same thing we've seen from Disney with its Star Wars expansion.