Staples 3D printing launches in two stores

Staples has launched an in-store 3D printing service in two of its locations: New York and Los Angeles. With this, they aim to make 3D printing a service available to anyone who wants to have a product whipped up, and all the while helping get the 3D printing industry's consumer-level ball rolling.

This is a pilot program, and opens the world of 3D printing up to the average consumer, sans the cost of buying one of the rather expensive printers. Depending on how well this pilot program works out, Staples may then begin offering the program in some of its other stores across the nation.

This is an extension of the 3D printing service Staples has offered its European customers. Those who want to print will need a 3D file from which the object will be made, and will be limited to the materials Staples has available. According to Bloomberg, there will be six materials, and big printing projects will end up being outsourced.

This isn't Staples' first foray into the world of 3D printing, of course. The company became the first retailer to sell such printers in the United States around this time last year, offering up the Cube 3D Printer at its stores.

SOURCE: Bloomberg